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NBA 2K23: Everything We Know About The City


Last week, NBA 2K23 announced some of the newest features for the current generation’s online neighborhood mode called The GOAT Boat. Using NBA 2K22’s Cancha Del Mar cruise boat base as its blueprint, GOAT Boat is the first glimpse of what the neighborhood has to offer in NBA 2K23.

However, tomorrow is the unveiling of a new generation of NBA 2K23 online, known as City. Since its introduction in NBA 2K21, The City has been a huge hit on PS5 and Xbox Series X, something that NBA 2K has continued to build on with improved features and more engaging content.

In NBA 2K22, fans got a good taste of how deep 2K can be with this exciting online feature. With anticipation building for tomorrow’s release, here’s everything we know about The City in NBA 2K23.

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What is “The City”?

The city is an online neighborhood in MyCAREER for next generation users (PS5 and Xbox Series X). It has been the most immersive and exciting experience in NBA 2K MyCAREER online mode, and NBA 2K23 has something even better in store for us this year.

The city in NBA 2K22 introduced a lot of new content. However, to get a better idea of ​​what’s to come, let’s take a closer look at what was presented in the previous edition a year ago.

Courtesy of NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22: City

City in v NBA 2K22 was a site to see. It allowed you to customize and improve your player. With fresh graphics, a diverse selection of game modes, and fun challenges to complete, NBA 2K22 has delivered the best next-gen experience to date.

Here are the new features introduced in NBA 2K22 last year that may be expanded upon in NBA 2K23.

Courtesy of NBA 2K22

Detailed images

One of the most notable new features of The City in NBA 2K22 is the visual feel of the surroundings. NBA 2K’s goal was to create an environment that would bring the MyCAREER online realm to life, from the way the lighting reflects off the buildings to the colorful monuments located throughout the city, and they succeeded in that.

New places

A big part of why NBA 2K22 was so successful with The City last year has to do with how many layers it provided for fans. They added new NPC types such as baristas, reporters, hip-hop/rap artists, and a few former NBA players. It brought a new level of interaction and expanded what you could do and achieve in your surroundings.


Becoming a legend in Seasons was a process, but NBA 2K22 made it worth it. While NBA 2K22 required gamers to reach level 40 in four different seasons to become a legend, it didn’t have to be consecutive, and the variety of new rewards fans received for completing each season was great. Additionally, Seasonal XP makes leveling up much easier and provides a better user experience.

Style and fashion

The NBA takes a lot of attention in terms of style and fashion, as many players illustrate each season. As a result, NBA 2K22 has gone the extra mile by bringing this to life in The City. Allowing you to partner with many different brands that provide discounts on merchandise, NBA 2K22 has added tons of new gear and made sure to release multiple apparel options throughout the season.

Less waiting

Probably the biggest advantage for those who have played The City or any of the neighborhood modes before is the wait to get on the court. Previously, the wait was too time-consuming and discouraged many fans. Well, NBA 2K22 did a much better job of it in The City, adding four new matchmaking buildings for all players to use 24/7.

In addition, NBA 2K22 has added new modes that will give you the opportunity to improve your skills. Whether it’s 3v3 vs. AI, 1v1 player vs. player, or cage matches, the new ways to play have given players much more flexibility to get on the court and have fun.

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