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Movie buffs discuss Kevin Hart, and it goes exactly as you’d expect


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Let’s be honest: not everyone can like actors and actresses. They may be your favorite, but not for others. So when this Reddit user shared his hot takes on the comedian Kevin Hartmovie buffs came to his defense as to why the OP’s thoughts could be at most “wrong”.

According to Reddit user u/whackamole123456, Hart is a “bad actor.” They don’t understand why Hart is being cast alongside established actors, and they don’t like his acting methods. He felt that Hart’s performance was forced and should be defined as a “B-rated actor”.

OP’s comments on Hart have been well received in the movies r/files as he currently has 33k upvotes and has six silvers, five utility awards, and a “take my energy” award.

However, some fans tried to explain why Hart often plays certain roles. Some have compared Hart to Dwayne Johnson, Keanu Reevesand Ryan Reynolds. Like Hart, these actors are also stuck in certain roles because that’s what the fans want and what makes these production companies money.

Others have argued that apart from being “stuck in a box” for certain roles, he’s very easy to work with, which is why you see him with other A-list actors, such as in the modern reboot of the film Jumanji. One Reddit user who claimed to have worked with Hart in the past attested to his professionalism and hard work.

But let’s be real, even if Hart is stuck as a “comedy sidekick” in these movies, he’s very likable. Don’t get me wrong, the OP’s sentiments are valid, especially thanks to the recent critical failure that was Time for me. But whenever you watch Hart interact with other actors in a big-budget Hollywood film, there’s an instant chemistry.

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