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More NBA 2K23 gameplay videos


Great sim video with some highlights…

0:50 – CPU left to mark from high wing instead of corner (nice to see where CPU help is coming from)
4:02 – CPU Mitchell Robinson slides a pin down to get a forehead from RJ Barrett (That was nice!)
7:00 – Cpu D Rose with a drive and a hit!
9:50 is a good CPU weakness
10:50 – CPU animation of RJ Barrett stuttering, hesitating. It looked great!
12:15 – CPU Brunson with oil oop pass PNR
15:05 – Great pnr read by Brunson for rollman Randle
19:07 – Quickley with another good dish to roll man Robinson into PNR. Cpu PNR game is nice and love their decision making.
19:38 – I would like to see an Iso Love rose here.
21:20 – Quickley turns to Toppin on PNP for another great read!
22:10 – Another great piece of possession and I touch on it below, with the CPU players being stopped and hitting an open ball rather than forcing it. Been here twice. Love it!
25:34 – Small ball with Garland hitting Robinson, but the CPU connects to help on the drive
25:55 – Late game iso from CPU Randle at the top of the key! He’s not finished, but I like the play call in the CPU situation.
A couple of random thoughts…

– Basic crossovers look beautiful and change directions super explosively!
– Players will need to get used to using and playing angles in defense. I’m all for it! Brunson cooked on disks.
– To regain the freedom of movement on discs, but at the same time lead to controversial downtime – it is wonderful. Need to work on those jump steps and grabs.
– Players who cut and pass the ball are even better than last year and have improved. For example, a few more quickly sprint to running screens.
– I didn’t see, but maybe 1 or 2 plays where the CPU made a bad shot. I’ve seen a ton of great readings when they were stopped, they’d drop it. Love it!
– This looks like the best I’ve ever seen in an AI processor, and it’s a beta version?! Wow!
– Randle processor with some controversial midrange pulls that I also liked here that are not usually seen out of the box
– This video encouraged me to play!

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