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Modern Warfare 2 – Terminal Among Other Classic Maps Rumored To Return, Leaked Claims


The Terminal is one of a number of classic levels rumored to be returning to Modern Warfare 2 – if recent leakage there is everything to go through.

The beloved airport level of No Russian fame can be customized for upgraded visuals, along with the likes of Favela, Quarry, and Karachi, among others.

Fans will surely like the terminal. It offered ample opportunities for those who liked to rush, as well as several strategically placed sniper spots.

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It was also the setting for the famous No Russian mission, which was relatively slow in the campaign, but in multiplayer it allowed gamers to fully explore the airport in all its glory.

Whether it was close-quarter shootouts in an airport waiting room or mid-range to long-range battles on the tarmac, Terminal offered something for every type of gamer – and was big enough to achieve scale without ever feeling empty.

It should be said that this is just a leak and Activision has not confirmed anything yet. However, we hope that at least some of the popular classic cards will make an appearance in this year’s game.

What do we know now about Modern Warfare 2 maps?

There are two types of maps in Modern Warfare 2: battle maps and base maps.

The former have a larger scale, so you’ll benefit from mechanics like swimmingwhile the main maps are smaller and are located in different global locations.

There are currently 3 confirmed Core cards in the game, including Farm 18.

  • Museum: A large map in the Spanish Museum
  • Marina Bay Grand Prix: Inspired by the Marina Bay Street Singapore Grand Prix circuit
  • Farm 18 educational complex: Taking elements of Shoot house and action in an abandoned cement plant

Here are two battle cards that are likely to appear:

  • Sarif Bay (battle map): which will allow you to float in certain areas
  • Said (battle map): larger urban battles

For those looking to get an early look at Modern Warfare 2, Activision will begin a beta this month.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta will start next September 16 at 6pm UK time or 10am Pacific time for PlayStation owners. Those who have not pre-ordered, but are using PlayStation, will be able to join with September 18also on 6pm UK time/10am Pacific time.

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