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Mila Kunis is the happiest girl in the world in the trailer for Netflix’s new thriller



One thing Netflix is reliably good at creating thrilling, exciting thrillers, and it looks like the streamer is set to deliver another movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat next month. Mila Kunis starred in a film with an ironic title Luckiest Girl Alive, about a woman who has a seemingly perfect life until a traumatic event from her past comes back to haunt her. Watch the intense first trailer for the film above.

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Jessica Noll, who adapted her own work, Luckiest Girl Alive features Kunis as Anna Fanelli, a famous and stylish New Yorker with a dream job at a high-end magazine and a wealthy fiancé (Finn Wittrock). However, when a true crime documentary film team contacts her to revisit a shocking incident that took place at the prestigious Brantley School during her teenage years, Anya is forced to face the dark truth about herself that she has been running from all these years.

From Sand man directed by Mike Barker, Luckiest Girl Alive also features the likes of Scoot McNairy, Jennifer Beals and Connie Britton as well A harsh summer actress Chiara Aurelia as a teenage version of Anya Kunis. In fact, when the film goes back in time to reveal the sinister backstory of Aurelia’s character, A harsh summer fans may well be feeling some serious déjà vu from this trailer, so those who enjoyed the hit Freeform series will want to watch this one.

As for those coming for Kunis, well Black swan The star seems to be giving a strong performance here as she transitions from a woman who has it all to a person whose sense of self is completely destroyed. Catch Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix from October 7.

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