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M. Night Shyamalan Ghost wrote a novel for teenagers in the 90s


When you think of 90s horror classics, one of the films that inevitably pops up is The sixth sense. All this is a classic and cemented director M. Night Shyamalan as one of the genre’s freshest visionaries. However, it turns out that a good writer is still a good writer regardless of the genre, as we learn that he also had a hand in writing another classic, albeit tamer film: She is all that.

In 1999, the same year The sixth sense came out, also debuted a film with a different tone, aimed at teenagers. It stars Rachel Leigh Cook, Freddie Prinze Jr., Anna Paquin, Paul Walker and ’90s movie regular Matthew Lillard.

U an interview back in 2013, Shyamalan said, “I don’t know if I want to tell you what movie I ghostwrote,” adding that it was indeed the movie in question. Shyamalan said he was working on the script She is all that while he around the same time he was working The sixth sense.

This is also noted in the commentary on the film directed by Robert Iskav, according to reports Digital Fix. While the screenplay credit goes solely to R. Lee Fleming, Jr., A Miramix head of development in the 90s said Shyamalan’s rework was what actually allowed the studio to greenlight the film, even though they had already acquired the film. Watch the trailer below.

According to producer Richard N. Gladstein, changes to Shyamalan’s script were used to “help a lot with the relationship between Laney (Rachel Leigh Cook) and her father (Kevin Pollack).” Shyamalan has said that his writing process involves “weird, creative monogamy,” meaning that at one point he pondered the outcome of a romance between Cook and Prince Jr. and how often they would have to kiss to make everything is plausible.

He must have enjoyed the movie to some extent because he apparently spent a good portion of it writing it. In an interview, he explained how to say yes or no to a movie.

“I guess in the history of things, when they review a movie or offer me a movie, I immediately say yes or no, and if it’s a yes, it’s a yes!” Now! Let’s go!’ It’s not “let’s see” or “let’s make a horde”. I’d probably be a lot smarter to do that, so I might have some stuff ready to go a few years from now or when I feel like something fits, but that’s my MO for now and I don’t [know] if it is good or bad, was to say yes or no. It makes me rely more on my original value, what I write for myself, and it’s always a lot of fun and rewarding and scary. You never know.”

Shyamalan’s latest project is a thriller titled A knock on the cabinscheduled for February 2023.

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