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Love & Thunder’s Son of Heimdall VFX looks even worse on Disney+


Thor: Love and Thunder redid the VFX of Heimdall’s son Axl talking to Thor for Disney+ – and somehow managed to make them even worse.

Thor: Love and Thunder changed the VFX of Heimdall’s son talking to Thor for Disney+ and somehow made them worse. Idris Elba’s Heimdall memorably met his death in Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos. But the legacy of the Asgardian character lives in Love and thunder through his son Astrid, aka Axel.

Heimdall fans who felt the character was offended Infinity War naturally, were delighted to learn Love and thunder that his son is still alive and thriving in New Asgard (now called Axl after his favorite frontman, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses fame). But happiness quickly turned to worry when Astrid and the others the village children were kidnapped by Horus the Butcher God. Fortunately, Axl was able to use the powers passed down from his parents and bond with Thor in space, allowing the God of Thunder to project himself into the children’s cage and calm them down. Unfortunately, VFX was used to depict Axl’s ghostly presence while interacting with Thor in the theatrical version Love and thunder were laughably awful.


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But the era of streaming means movies are loved Thor: Love and Thunder redo the VFX. Indeed, when the latest MCU movie hit Disney+, fans noticed that Axl’s extremely bad disembodied head talking to Thor had been redesigned. Unfortunately, the new VFX are actually worse than the original. Twitter account @comicxbook published a side-by-side comparison that can be seen at the location below:

With a stated budget of $250 million, Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the most expensive films ever made. But $250 million still wasn’t enough to pay for a decent special effect of Axl’s head floating in space and talking to Thor. Perhaps the problem is not so much execution as conception. Ultimately, a floating head will always look a little clunky and weird, and no amount of VFX wizardry can fix that.

A more effective move for Thor: Love and Thunder after the Disney+ release, maybe the scene with Axel looking like a Force ghost should have been redone to tone down the silliness of his head talking to Thor. Of course Love and thunder It’s supposed to be a goofy and very self-consciously “comic” movie, so maybe the head should look weird. But there is a fine line between strange and unpleasant, and Thor: Love and Thunder crossed that line with Axl’s floating head. Now, with fans grumbling online, another re-enactment of this particular effect may be on the way. Although at this point, maybe Disney is sick of spending money on this particular movie, which had an astronomical budget.

Source: @comicxbook/Twitter

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