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James Gunn Reveals The Video Game He Almost Made Instead Of Guardians Of The Galaxy


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It’s hard to imagine without the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy, because that 2014 sci-fi adventure helped establish that the franchise could literally take any C-list character (or below) from the comics and turn them into a fan favorite. Moreover, the irreverent tone James Gunn brought into possession had a major impact on the universe as a whole, possibly inspiring later films such as Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.

So it’s amazing to think that Gunn almost missed his chance to become a director Guardians as he was originally looking to adapt a video game. asked one Twitter user Suicide Squad filmmaker if there was a game he thought would make a great movie. In response, Gan dropped the bombshell that he was once in line to direct a Hitman the movie.

“I pitched HITMAN a few weeks before I had guardians,” Gunn recalls. “The studio really wanted to hire me, but the producer did not take on the project. I was mad at the time, but thank God because I would never have been able to do GotG if they had said yes!”

A hired killer
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Supporters Hitman The universe will know that the brand has already spawned two movies, both pretty much as bad as each other. The first was 2007 with a simple title Hitmanstarring Timothy Olyphant, until 2015 Agent 47: Assassin tried again, starring Rupert Friend. A second film is clearly one that Gunn was hoping to make, but luckily for the Marvel Universe, he didn’t.

None of these outings have been able to ignite movie theater audiences, it seems Hitman the screen franchise is on hiatus in the near future. Back in 2017 John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad has announced that he is working on a TV series, but that hasn’t happened yet. You can A hired killer However, there might finally be a hit if James Gunn got that fateful gig.

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