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iPhone 13 finally at a reasonable price with this great deal


The iPhone 13 is finally available at a reasonable price on contract thanks to this deal from Fonehouse.

Apple phones are always expensive, and they tend to hold their value very well. That’s why it took more than a year iPhone 13 reduce to a reasonable contract price.

Go to Fonhaus right now you’ll find the iPhone 13 on a 24-month contract deal for £35 a month with no upfront costs. This will give you 100GB of data per month, as well as unlimited texts and minutes.

iPhone 13 for £35 a month with no down payment

You can finally pick up an iPhone 13 at a reasonable price thanks to this contract from Fonehouse.

  • Fonhaus
  • No upfront costs
  • £35 per month

View the transaction

This is the cheapest iPhone 13 we’ve seen on contract. If you increase that monthly price over the life of the contract, it comes to £840, which isn’t much more than the initial SIM-free price of £779.

It’s an even more enticing deal when you look closely at the current state of Apple’s smartphone lineup. While iPhone 14 may be out now, perhaps the most minor update. It has the same design, the same main display and almost the same processor as the iPhone 13.

You’re essentially paying a lot less for a phone that’s basically the same as the iPhone 14. “The iPhone 14 may be here, but with minimal updates to Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 13 still has plenty of life,” we concluded in our review iPhone 13 review.

Moreover, Apple still offers the iPhone 13 as new on its website and will continue to support it with software updates for at least another four years.

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