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Hulu’s Madcap series keeps viewers guessing


Getting to “I” has never been so adventurous. Or full of murders. This is a smart move by the manufacturers Wide city, Heavy people, Young people, and Search group bring to Wedding season, Hulu an ambitious new rom-com sortie The creators have dubbed the show a genre-busting series, and for the most part, it is. Despite the fact that so many shows are out to “subvert genres” these days, perhaps the most innovative way to “subvert” any premise is to simply go back to the basics.

Yet here we find star-crossed lovers Katie and Stefan (Rosa Salazar and Gavin Drea) going through a whirlwind of misadventures that draw, intentionally or not, from shows like The end of the f***ing world (Netflix) and Afterparty (AppleTV+) and similar movies Bonnie and Clyde – and, to some extent, 2022 The lost city. The pair fall for each other at a wedding — the season, after all — and immediately begin an affair. Unfortunately, Katie has a fiancé who is the main thing. Fast forward two months and Katie is getting married. Fun day, right? Except her new husband and his entire family were killed. Police believe Stefan did it. Stefan thinks Katie did it. So where is the truth? Come along for the ride and find out.


Deploying the Madman series.

As for the new series, Wedding season there is worth the investment. It’s sharp, smart, and maintains a level of intrigue, especially in the first half of the season. Her wildly insane feel is fueled by Salazar and Drea’s on-screen antics. They connect or disconnect, usually in a completely cat-and-mouse fashion, with Salazar turning into a suspicious con artist and Drea always trying to keep up.

It’s very Streisand and O’Neill a la What happened Doc? sometimes.

Drea’s Stefan is a charming young doctor with trust issues. He has a deep burning need for love, which we’re told – albeit all too briefly – stems from being in foster care as a child. He has surrounded himself with a large group of friends who seem to be getting together for a bunch of weddings. What a summer. At the same time, Katie seems to have it all together—she’s confident and smart. What could possibly go wrong for her?

While the show flashes back and forth in time to give viewers the context of Katie and Stefan’s initial connection, naturally we want the two of them to end up together. After Katie’s special day ends with her groom and eight members of his family being poisoned, things quickly turn sour. Stefan is interrogated by the police (Jamie Ritchie and Jade Harrison) and moments later is secretly taken out by Katie. Maya, she is fearless. Suddenly on the run across the UK – and completely out of his comfort zone – Stefan wants to know what the hell is going on. If only Kathy knew. Or she? For now, they have to run from the police.

The show’s scripts are quickly set to creative within the first six episodes or so. The couple’s adventures eventually lead them to the United States to prove their innocence. The cops want to solve the crime, and Kathy keeps hinting that her fiance’s family was sad. Can Stefan believe her?

There are many subplots. In Matts and Donoghue, Harrison and Richie deliver terrific entertainment as the original cop couple. Their flirtatiousness would send alarm bells ringing in HR, but hey, it’s fun to watch it happen.

There’s also Suji (Yaana Kimbrook), who longs for love and expects a feast, but always ends up in an empty buffet. And Anil (Bhav Joshi) and Leila (Kali Cook) are getting married. Their holiday wedding is set to be the grand finale of the summer wedding season, and in that regard, this show is the culmination. Surely all the shenanigans we’ve witnessed with Katie and Stefan lead to a major reveal or twist by the time the end credits roll?

That’s hope, because for all its great intentions, Wedding season seems heavily front-loaded and a little lacking in consistent momentum in the second half. We’ve seen this happen in other series, especially in recent seasons The murder of Eve, where the writers aim to surprise by the end of the season. I feel like things are picking up creatively in the last episode. There is a lot to connect.

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Acting game in the wedding season

of course Salazar commands the screen Art Wedding season. Drea is huggable as Stefan, but Cathy Salazar is very strong and when she’s on screen, you want to know what she’s going to say and do next. Showcasing his bold acting in the Canceled and Brand new cherry flavor, this may not come as much of a surprise. The actress strives to nail the mania that any script offers her, even if it comes from her character. Convincing and engaging, her Katie keeps the audience and Stefano always guessing. Is she dangerous? Can she be trusted? Does she work as a secret agent? Or just crazy? Either way, Salazar is a treat to watch.

Drea is effective with the material he’s given, but the character was weak for me. The writer may give the actor an overreaction, and Drea — bless him — handles it with aplomb, but the audience, ironically, may be more inclined to root for Katie than Stefan. A truly disruptive genre. It’s certainly not Drea’s fault. Handsome, flawless, he is a good presenter. It would be great to learn more about him character.

The rest of the cast fills the bill quite well. They keep up with the material the writers give them. Taken together, the ensemble evokes a sense of curiosity and self-reflection about weddings in general, and the lengths people go to to solidify their unions. This social commentary could be played up a little further, but what we’re offered is usually enough. It’s not like we haven’t done it yet to know how ostentatious weddings can be.

In the meantime, there is plenty of absurdity to keep the audience interested Wedding season. As a result, I was left scratching my head trying to fully understand what was actually going on in some of the later episodes. The writers, perhaps having driven themselves into a corner, are trying to solve the mystery that started this whim. It doesn’t spoil the overall show, but if there’s anything we’ve learned in the 2020s, it’s that today’s viewers often treat their shows as relationships that they’re going to invest in — or not. They are not separated until the series ends or is canceled. They also want their perfect union. Wedding season promises to deliver one, no matter how long it takes.

Wedding season debuts on Hulu on September 8.

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