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How to install iOS 16 right now on your iPhone


During the presentation of the iPhone 14 series, Apple also announced that iOS 16 will arrive for everyone with a compatible iPhone on September 12.

now iOS 16 is available for everyone, you probably want to install it on your device immediately. While iPhones, as long as the setting has not been disabled, will update automatically – you can force the software and get into the action faster.

iOS 16 completely redesigns the lock screen for the first time, allowing for more customization. You can customize the clock, add handy widgets to give you handy information, and fix background colors. There are other features as well, including settings for programs like Mail.

While it might be best to wait until the initial bugs are ironed out to upgrade, if you want to jump on board with iOS 16 right now, here’s how.

What you will need:

  • iOS 16 works on iPhone 8 and newer (we used the iPhone 13 Pro Max for this test)

Short version

  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to General
  • Hit Software Update
  1. Step

    Unlock your iPhone and open Settings

    First of all, make sure your iPhone is charged, plugged in, and connected to the Internet. Then unlock your phone and open Settings. This is an app with an icon that looks like a gear. iphone home screen

  2. Step

    Once you’re in the Settings app, scroll down until you find an option called General. When you spot it, click on it. iPhone settings

  3. Step

    Click Software Update

    Next, you should see the “Software Update” option – tap it and your phone will immediately start searching for an available update. if available it will appear. When an update appears, click Download and Install. Once your update is downloaded, it will install – this may take some time.software update

  4. Step

    You are aware

    After installing and updating the update, your phone will reboot. Now you are ready to start using iOS 16.


Will the update be installed automatically?

Yes, if you have automatic updates enabled, iOS 16 should download and install overnight while your phone is connected to the network.

Is iOS 16 also available for iPad?

iPadOS 16, the iPad version of iOS 16, will be released later this year.

I don’t see an update – what should I do?

Better to just wait and keep checking the Software Update section of the settings panel until it shows up.

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