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Horror fans revel in Geysers of Goop to cheer the genre’s bloodiest finales


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Although our stomachs are churning, James Wan has a reason Saw the franchise continues to churn out sequel after sequel. Audiences love blood. In fact, we can’t get enough of it, so it’s to be expected that some of the most memorable horror movies ever made contain a fair amount of red. Horror junkies around the world have compiled the bloodiest endings in horror history, proving that bio-horror and gore continue to captivate audiences more than 40 years after its conception.

The original Reddit post, which encourages internet visitors to join in on the craziest and most flamboyant endings, has some suggestions right off the bat.

Horror junkies had more than enough on offer to satiate the gore-loving public. Radio Silence (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett together) get points for Ready or notBloodbath End (2019).

Last but not least, horror fans are hooked A house in the forest (2011) as a strong contender. In a standard slasher film full of tropes, A house in the forest ends in the deaths of all but two college students, who discover that their nightmare vacation was orchestrated by volunteer technicians whose annual ritual involves sacrificing five slasher archetypes (slut, jock, scientist, fool, and virgin) to appease the so-called ancient .

The list goes on and on when it comes to gory horror, but these are just a few suggestions that stand out above the rest. Other franchises like the above saw are so absurdly gory that they can never be held to the same standards as strictly non-biological horror films.

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