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Harry Styles’ drama gets a trailer


Oh, aren’t you tired of Harry Styles news? Well, good, because we have spitfire (oh god sorry) trailer headed your way! Trailer for another upcoming Harry Styles movie, My policemanhas arrived, and it hints at what could be Styles’ most promising performance yet.

The trailer shows the relationship between police officer Tom (Harry Styles) and teacher Marion (Emma Corrin, who recently finished her role as Princess Diana on Crown). It seems perfect as long as museum curator Patrick (David Dawson, BBC/Netflix The last kingdom) enters the picture, evoking a same-sex relationship between him and Tom.

Also featured are older versions of the characters played by Linus Roach, Geena McKee and Rupert Everett respectively. Kat Power’s cover of “Sea of ​​Love” is used beautifully throughout the trailer.

My policeman has been in development since 2020, and Lily James was originally slated to star alongside Harry Styles. Corrin took her place at the beginning of last year.

The plot with My policeman: “A story of forbidden romance and changing social conditions, My Policeman tells the story of the relationship between three people – Tom the policeman, Marion the teacher and Patrick the museum curator – and their emotional journey that spans decades.”

Based on the novel of the same name, My policeman also marks Michael Grandage’s second film since 2016 Geniuswith Colin Firth as editor Max Perkins and Jude Law as writer Thomas Wolfe.

My policeman The premiere of the film will take place at the International Film Festival in Toronto. It seems likely that My policeman will not be overshadowed by the controversy around Don’t worry dearwhich premiered at the Venice Film Festival this month.

Policeman hits theaters on October 21. It will then move to Amazon Prime November 4.

What do you think of the trailer? You think My police will feature Harry Styles’ most impressive performance to date?

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