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Growing demand from homeowners is driving the expansion of FranklinWH’s distribution network


Greentech Renewables joins the ranks of leading distributors

FranklinWH, a leading provider of whole-home energy management solutions, today announced the expansion of its national solar distributor network to meet the recent surge in homeowner demand. With the announcement, Greentech Renewables, the nation’s largest solar distributor, now joins a growing distributor network that makes FranklinWH products readily available for supply to solar contractors nationwide and exceeds homeowners’ expectations with on-time installation schedules.

Demand for FranklinWH systems has been exceptionally high in recent months. A wider distribution network will provide the supply chain efficiencies and partners needed to scale as demand grows.

“FranklinWH products provide safe, reliable and affordable energy security for everyone,” said Gary Lam, general manager and co-founder of FrankinWH USA. “Establishing a national network of trusted distributors is essential to ensuring FranklinWH products arrive on time and with the highest quality customer service.”

Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole-home energy management solution that integrates and manages solar, battery, grid, and generator power sources to optimize home safety, reliability, and efficiency. energy.

“Adding an energy management system with battery storage to a solar system sounds like a logical and simple thing to do, but many systems are too complex,” said Barry Cinnamon, CEO of Cinnamon Energy Systems. “We’ve found FranklinWH products to offer the simplicity and reliability we need. Their supply chain, including effective distributor support, has responded to rapidly growing customer demand.”

FHP’s powerful integrated home energy management system consists of aGate X, an intelligent power control system for intelligent home energy management, and aPower X battery, which offers the highest AC lithium phosphate (LFP) capacity on the market.

With the addition of Greentech Renewables, FranklinWH solutions are now available through a network of distributors including Inxeption Energy, Fortune Energy, The Power Store, Van Meter, Inter-Island Solar Supply, R&R Solar Supply and SolWel. FranklinWH solutions are also AVL-listed at numerous financial institutions, including Mosaic, Sungage Financial and GoodLeap.

For more information about FranklinWH’s energy management solutions, visit FranklinWH during the RE+ Solar Energy Conference September 19-22 in Anaheim, CA at booth #3404.

Distributors interested in working with FranklinWH to grow their business can email info@franklinwh.com or start the process online.

About Franklin Whole Home

FranklinWH Energy Storage is the manufacturer of the Franklin Home Power (FHP) system. FranklinWH is a research and development company focused on next-generation solutions for residential energy management and energy storage. Founded in 2019, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and funded by Sequoia Capital, the FranklinWH team has decades of experience in energy systems, from design, manufacturing and sales to installation.

Learn more about how homeowners can achieve energy independence at www.FranklinWH.com.

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