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Gremlins 2 director says Key and Peele’s sketch was ‘completely accurate’


Director Joe Dante says Key & Peele’s sketch of how Gremlins 2 was written was pretty much what it was like in real life.

According to the director Joe DanteJordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key showed exactly how Gremlins 2: The New Party was developed. In a 2015 episode of the hit comedy series Comedians Key and Peelefeatured a sketch featuring “Doctor from the Hollywood sequel” attending a brainstorming session for Gremlins continuation He strongly encourages Gremlins 2 writers to include the weirdest ideas imaginable, from including an intelligent gremlin that can talk to Hulk Hogan breaking the fourth wall with a surprise cameo. The point is that every weird idea mentioned in the skit is there actually in the movie.


Dante recently spoke with AV club (via ComicBook.com) about Key and Peele a sketch The director says he actually spoke with Key and Peele about the segment and suggested they did a fantastic job envisioning the film’s writing. Dante clarifies that, as in the sketch, Gremlins 2 was meant to be a more serious sequel with a dark tone similar to the original film. That all changed when the studio brought in new writers who “didn’t understand” the original and turned in a script that was far from what was in the first Gremlins was

“After I saw it (Kee and Peele), I told (Keye and Peele) it’s absolutely true that it happened that way. For a long time, no one could figure out how to make another Gremlins movie, and they tried. They spent some money, they hired screenwriters, they wrote some script, but they still didn’t understand the appeal of the first movie; so it was very difficult for them to imitate him. So, out of desperation, they came back to me and Mike Finnell, the producer, and said, “If you give us this picture by this date, we’ll let you do whatever you want.”

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Key and Peele did this with the Gremlins 2 sketch

While some fans did not accept as well Gremlins 2: The New Party due to the film’s different tone, it still managed to create its own cult following, and many fans found the sequel entertaining in its own right. In any case, since then there have been many efforts over the years to get Gremlins 3 and despite​​​​some rumours, rumblings and false starts, a sequel just can’t seem to materialize. It remains unclear when Gremlins 3 ever really happen.

Perhaps the fate of a Gremlins 3 will build on the success of the upcoming animated prequel series on HBO Max. Duplicated Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwaithe story takes place decades before the events of the original Gremlins the movie. If the audience is high and the reviews are good, this will lead to renewed interest in the Gremlins the franchise could use a third film to finally get going. Time will tell if the potential sequel will return to its dark roots or if it will go through a similar scripting process, Gremlins 2.

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