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Games Workshop previews Leagues of Votann Strategems for 40k


Sep 07, 2022 by Polar_Bear

We’ve seen a bunch of different minis, but how does Leagues of Votann play in terms of tabletop strategy? In this preview, we see just that, looking at the strategies they can use during the game.

From the article:

The Votann leagues are finally ready to emerge from their isolation in the galactic core, and we have another cursory look at some of their rules. From humble Hearthkyn Warrior to the highest echelons of Kinhost teamtoday we’re looking at their Stratagems.*

The Ancestral cores known as Wotan to provide the Kindred with knowledge passed down from countless generations back to the very birth of their race. Within each Wotan’s quantum info-cores lies the accumulated wisdom of military tactics and battlefield theory from every war the Leagues have ever fought, arming Kin with a strategic oversight that is virtually unmatched, as well as some pretty tasty guns.

With such a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, you won’t be surprised to find that Leagues of Wotan has a Stratagem for almost every situation on the battlefield…

The source

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