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Games Workshop previews a veteran guard in Kill Team


Sep 07, 2022 by Polar_Bear

In the very tight corridors of a space hulk, you may wish to have ceramite armor. But it is not available to guardsmen. But they have veteran skills that will hopefully help them cope. Check out their figures and new rules Assassination Team in this preview from Games Workshop.

From the post:

The claustrophobic terrain c Golowdark presents brand new challenges for assassin teams used for open spaces and high vantage points. Tight corridors will force operatives into close-range firefights and desperate throws – you’ll need to reassess your lists before dealing with the horrors of the space hulk.

As hardworking as every man in the 41st millennium is, the Astra Militarum has a tool for every job, so we’ll see how A veteran of the guard an assassin team can adapt to this void setting.

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