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Fast charging: Teasing smartphone features take the fun out of unlocking


OPINION: Smartphone launches have traditionally been an exciting event, but the new trend of teasing features ahead of the unveiling has taken the fun out of it.

I’ve always enjoyed covering smartphone issues, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since I’m a mobile editor, but they’ve gotten a little boring in recent years. why? Because brands are now slowly teasing and announcing features sometimes weeks before launch to generate interest.

That’s fine, a marketing machine has to do what a marketing machine does, but it takes the fun out of the real big reveal. It’s like being told in advance what you’re going to get for Christmas as a kid; getting a gift is still fun, but it’s not exciting and certainly not a surprise.

I want that childhood feeling of excitement back when I watch the phone reveal events. I want to be genuinely surprised when a company reveals a new smartphone feature that no competitor has, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Don’t get me wrong, not every company does this – companies like Apple remain very tight-lipped about future products and features – but it’s becoming more of a trend for Android.

It all started with a brave new mobile startup OnePlus in 2014 that slowly created a buzz writing out details about their future smartphones in advance. It’s easy to see why OnePlus did (and does) this; not only does it create buzz in the community, but it basically provides a non-stop stream of media coverage in the weeks leading up to the big event.

Fast forward to 2023, and it’s not just small companies looking to get an edge over the big players that are teasing features before launch; companies with loyal fan bases and great brand recognition like Xiaomi are getting in on the action. Company fully exposed design of the Xiaomi 12 series on Weibo a full week before it was unveiled in China.

Even Samsung is getting into the trend of teasing and announcing features before launch.

Take next week’s Galaxy Unpacked, for example. Samsung has published a a raft of teasers which seem to focus on low-light photography and perhaps even astrophotography with having a well lit moon in one teaseressentially confirming improved low-light camera performance on future Galaxy S23 models.

Gorilla Glass Victus 2

There was also confirmation of what he would use Gorilla Glass Victus 2 of the new generation with improved concrete drop resistance.

Of course, it’s not as dramatic as companies like OnePlus reveal the entire design of the OnePlus 8 weeks before its actual announcement, but that’s two less potential surprises for the main event.

Can’t we just go into disclosure not knowing anything for a change?

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