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Fan Theory Featuring Vision Reveals Stunning Details In Captain America: Civil War


Image: Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War really felt like the start of a new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with an ensemble cast almost always with an Avenger, but its ending has raised questions for years: until now.

A new fan theory believes it explained and added more details to the ending Civil war, and exactly how the Avengers, who violated the Sokovian Accords, escaped from prison on Plyta. None other than Tony Stark’s creation, the Vision, was really behind it all. The theorist’s explanation is based on unlikely evidence.

When Stark returns from his battle with Steve Rogers, it shows how the former allies potentially planned to escape together, or at least Stark was indifferent to the escape. But it wasn’t Stark who created it at all: it was Vision who did it to save his unexpected love, Wanda Maximoff.

A theory put forward by /u/Subject89P13_ says that this was all foreshadowed by Vision’s chessboard antics earlier in the film, hinting at Vision playing both sides of the civil war. To reinforce his theory, the user returns to the last line of Vision Avengers: Age of Ultron which reflected chaos and order.

It’s certainly an interesting theory that adds another dimension Civil war, but seems completely against the idea of ​​Stark allowing Captain America to enter the facility to break them out. If Vision organized it, why didn’t he just do it himself? Able to move objects, he could be in and out within five minutes.

The chess motif is certainly interesting, but it seems more likely that it simply represents the film’s overall struggle between the two sides. Since Civil warVision died three times when SWORD Vision is turned on WandaVision.

Captain America: Civil War is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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