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Developer Splitgate announces a new hit indie shooter


Splitgate this is an amazing little game with an oversized blow in a competitive shooter space. The game has a great premise: it Hello multiplayer action, but everyone has Portal a gun. On Friday, 1047 Games said this would stop the development of new features and content for Splitgate so he can create a new game set in the same universe using Unreal Engine 5.

“After careful consideration and much thought, the 1047 Games team has determined that in order to create the game that fans deserve—and to build it in a way that doesn’t attempt to retrofit an existing product and go live—we’re stopping feature development on Splitgate” , — the studio wrote in a statement shared on Twitter.

SplitgateThe strong concept and gameplay have created a strong and loyal community over the past three years. The title has an overall rating of “very positive” among Steam users after more than 100,000 reviews since launch.

1047 Games is tight-lipped about the upcoming title, other than that it will also be a free-to-play portal gun shooter. Splitgate survived where few other shooters have failed due to the power of these portals. When I originally played this game in 2019, I was amazed at the tactical possibilities it opened up.

Scenarios that are very common in this genre, such as a sniper facing a chokepoint full of enemies or a frantic duel between rivals, have become much more interesting with portals. Players can fake each other, make nimble escapes and create tricky shots from impossible angles.

While the existing game is a great shooter, it will be interesting to see what new directions the developer takes it. The games are similar Apex Legends and Valiant have succeeded by focusing on the game’s character design and building a compelling roster, while other titles have focused on adding more PvP modes and match types.

While the new title is in development, 1047 Games says it will continue to support it Splitgate with minor updates and corrections.

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