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Detailed Splatoon 3 amiibo unlocks, here’s what you’ll get


Image: Nintendo

The amiibo feature has been supported since the original Splatoon game. This function returns to Splatoon 3so what unlocks can amiibo collectors look forward to?

Destructoid made a list of all unlocks. To activate amiibo in Splatoon 3, you will need to find the amiibo stand in Splatsville. From there, you scan your amiibo on your Switch controller, the amiibo will appear in the game, and you’ll be unlocked. If you haven’t registered your amiibo yet, you need to go through this process as well.

Unlocks are a combination of cosmetic rewards in the form of clothes, shoes and hats. Destructoid mentions that he was unable to get four numbers to scan or give a reward, and mentions that the rewards may overlap. Here’s a summary:

– Inkling Girl (Smash Series) – No reward (additional verification required)
– Inkling Girl (Orange) – No reward (requires additional verification)
– Inkling Boy (blue) – no reward (requires additional verification)
– Inkling Squid (Green) – Power Armor (Chest), Power Mask (Head), Power Boots (Legs)
– Kelly – copies of the hero’s runner (feet), copy of the hero’s jacket (chest), copy of the hero’s suit (head)
– Dreams – armor replica (legs), armor replica (chest), armor replica (head)
– Inkling Girl (Green) – School Shoes + Hi Socks (Feet), Basic School Shoes (Feet), School Uniform A (Chest), School Uniform B (Chest), Squid Hair Clip (Head)
– Inkling Boy (Green) – Squinja Boots
– Inkling Boy (Purple) – Samurai Boots (Legs), Samurai Jacket (Chest), Samurai Helmet (Head)
– Inkling Squid (purple) – Power Boots Mk I (feet)
– Pearl – Pearlescent Kicks (legs)
– Marina – Marinated slipons (feet)
– Octoling Girl – Enchanted Boots (Legs), Enchanted Cloak A (Chest), Enchanted Cloak B (Chest), Enchanted Hat (Head)
– Octoling Boy – Steel Greaves (feet), Steel Plate Mail (chest), Steel Helm (head)
– Octoling Octopus – Fresh fish legs (legs)
– Inkling Squid (Orange) – did not scan in Splatoon 3 (requires additional testing)
– Inkling Girl (Red) – Fringe Loafers (Legs), Fringe Loafers (Legs)

And if you’re wondering about non-Splatoon related amiibo, here’s the message you’ll get when you try to use them:

“Please click amiibo compatible with Splatoon 3.”

There will be new amiibo, but at this stage it is unknown which unlocks will be activated.

Have you got your amiibo ready for Splatoon 3? Tell us below.

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