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Destiny 2 players don gold armor for a soulful affair


Destiny 2 players have begun donning gold armor and gear in-game to raise awareness for childhood cancer. After a social media post detailing how a father lost his child to a childhood cancer known as Ewing’s sarcoma, the post slowly began to gain momentum and eventually gained attention on a number of platforms.

“On May 2, 2022, my family and I lost our oldest to Ewing’s Sarcoma, an aggressive childhood cancer,” Sean Patrick Lafferty originally posted on Dadstiny’s page. “The September before I lost her, I first started asking those of you who would like to make the month of September gold as childhood cancer awareness month, and gold is the color associated with it.”

In the village Destiny Fashion subreddit, players began offering gold shader recommendations and offering support for Lafferty and his initiative. Big names in the Destiny 2 scene, for example Date joined the initiative, and if you want to get involved, there are over a dozen shaders you can use to change the look and colors of your Guardian. You can usually find shaders by opening chests in patrol areas, earning ranks from the season pass, or from Bright Engrams that are periodically given to players.

For the Gold Guardian initiative, you can use these shaders to make your Guardian look shiny:

  • Golden Empire
  • Gold leaf
  • A golden trail
  • Kairos Gold
  • North of the Claws
  • Omnichrony
  • Bogy bog
  • Predecessor to Vex Chrome
  • Shadow Gilt
  • Testuda
  • Vintage forest

If you already have these specific shaders, they can also apply some gold to your Guardian, but for beginners, these specific pieces of armor customization are no longer available:

  • The callus is cherished
  • Shadow of Calus
  • Welcome to the dawn
  • Iron gold
  • Green crown

This isn’t the first time Destiny 2 has had a charity event, as Bungie previously immortalized fan favorite Artemis in-game via an emote called Faithful Companion, which shows the player’s Guardian petting a companion dog. Elsewhere in Destiny 2, the Season of Plunder is approaching its third week. You can read on pirate puns featured this season, PvP upgrades coming soonand try the Titan build which will make other players feel impressed.

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