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Daredevil gets his own Hulk character poster in MCU fan art


Exciting fan art gives Charlie Cox’s Daredevil his very own character poster for Marvel’s Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Marvel fan art represents a She-Hulk: Lawyer Charley Cox film character poster Daredevil. As Marvel continues to create many new and exciting characters through its own unique Disney+ series, She is the Hulk is the last to be submitted on a streamer, performed by Tatsiana Maslana. The series follows Maslany’s character, Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin and high-profile attorney, as she tries to navigate her career through the media circus that comes with the Halas.


With the series welcoming Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and Emil Blonsky’s Tim Roth aka The Abomination, viewers are eagerly anticipating who Walters might face next. Early teasers for the series have offered incredibly exciting confirmation that Daredevil Cox will be reprising his role, first playing fellow lawyer Matt Murdoch on the beloved Netflix series. Daredevil. After his brief cameo in last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Homeit was later confirmed that Cox would soon star in his upcoming film Disney+ series Daredevil: Born Again. Meanwhile, he seems to have things going on with Walters.

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Now, a new piece of fan art reinterprets some of them She is the Hulkpromotional material featuring Cox at the center of his own character poster. Shared on Instagram by the artist @rahalartsthe poster offers its own version of Daredevil She is the HulkThe official character posters that were released ahead of the new series. Set against a backdrop of Daredevil red, the poster is indistinguishable from the official promotional material, with many taking to the artist’s comments section to praise his work. Check out the art below:

For now Daredevil’s presence in She-Hulk: Lawyer isn’t a complete mystery, promotional material for the show has yet to feature him beyond his brief appearance in a trailer, with a recent teaser even attempting to hide him behind a bit of text. In accordance with the comedic tone of a She is the Hulk, the series’ head writer Jessica Gao recently teased that the show will explore the light side of the beloved character, who is known for his more brooding temperament. Gao also confirmed that this iteration of Daredevil is very similar to the comic book version of the character, and many are excited to see where the events of the show take him.

Each new Marvel show releases a series of character posters, so this exciting piece of fan art will certainly make up for Cox’s absence from the original lineup — though that doesn’t mean he won’t get one after his series debut. with She-Hulk: Lawyer episode 4 is scheduled to be released later this week, currently unknown which episode or series will see the return of Cox as Daredevil. It also remains to be seen what involvement Matt Murdock will have in the Jennifer Walters story and what the dynamic will be between these two really good lawyers.

Source: Rakhalarts/ Instagram

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