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Christian Bale is unfairly accused of murder in the Amsterdam trailer


20th Century Studios has released a new trailer from Amsterdam, in which Christian Bale has been wrongly accused of murder in the period mystery comedy.

A new trailer for David O. Russell’s highly anticipated mystery comedy, Amsterdamarrived Written and directed by Russell (A fighter, American Hustle), the film tells the story of three friends, Dr. Burt (Christian Bale), nurse Valerie (Margot Robbie), and lawyer Harold (John David Washington), who each become prime suspects in a 1930s murder investigation. The work, which was announced back in January 2020, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the re-casting of Harold after Michael B. Jordan was forced to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts.


Giving a better insight into the mystery to come, Studios of the 20th century released the last one Amsterdam trailer. “We need to clear our names» – declares Bale’s hero Burt after he and his friends were at the scene of the murder of a man killed over “what he saw.Check out the trailer below:

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And also feel the taste of his humor Amsterdam the trailer does a good job introducing the characters played by the star-studded cast, which includes De Niro, Mike Myers, Taylor Swift, Michael Shannon, Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek, Timothy Olyphant, and Zoe Saldana. De Niro and Bale have a long history Russell returns to A fighter. Debuting its first trailer in July, the largely secretive film revealed that much of its plot “actually happened,” adding some exciting fictional twists that viewers can look forward to finding out when Amsterdam hits theaters October 7.

Source: Studios of the 20th century

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