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CarbonCapture Inc. announces a five megaton direct air capture and storage project in Wyoming


The Bison project will be the first large-scale DAC deployment in the US and the first to use Class VI wells for permanent CO2 storage

CarbonCapture Inc. (CarbonCapture), an American climate technology company that develops direct air capture (DAC) systems based on innovative modular open systems architecture, today announced an exclusive partnership with leading carbon storage developer Frontier Carbon Solutions, with the goal of ultimately removing five million tons of atmospheric CO2 annually until 2030.

“With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, an increase in companies seeking high-quality carbon credits, and disruptive low-cost technology, we now have the ingredients needed to scale DAC to the megaton level by the end of this decade,” said Adrian Corless, General director and CTO of CarbonCapture Inc. “We plan to deliver our first DAC modules by the end of next year and continue to install capacity as quickly as the modules roll off our production line. Our goal is to use economies of scale to offer DAC-based carbon credits at the lowest price on the market.”

Wyoming was chosen as the location for the project because of the wide availability of zero-carbon renewable energy sources and the favorable regulatory and operational environment for carbon storage. The project is expected to be operational by the end of 2023, making it the first carbon removal facility to use Class VI permanent storage wells and the first large-scale DAC project in the United States.

“Secure, permanent carbon storage and direct air capture are the foundation of a low-carbon economy,” said Robbie Rockey, president and chief operating officer of Frontier Carbon Solutions, a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital. “Through DAC’s CarbonCapture technology and Frontier’s storage facilities, this partnership will allow these important industries to scale in Wyoming, ultimately bringing more investment capital and jobs to the state.”

The partnership, called Project Bison, will deploy DAC CarbonCapture modules on Frontier’s CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure in Wyoming. The project, developed in several phases until 2030, will meet the rapidly growing demand for carbon credits. Advanced sales have begun, with CO2 (before TIME) and Cloverly supporting the project as major partners.

“We’re honored to be CarbonCapture’s first partner,” said Simon Mulcahy, CEO of CO2 and President of Sustainability at TIME. “We are committed to supporting high-quality climate impact solutions, including engineered carbon removal solutions. This is key to any long-term approach to tackling climate change. We are incredibly excited to provide our customers with some of the first carbon credits from the Bison Project.”

“We’re very excited to make these high-quality carbon credits available to anyone who wants to take positive climate action,” added Jason Rubatom, CEO of Cloverly.

A federal interagency task force has identified parts of Wyoming as some of the communities hardest hit by coal mine and power plant closures. CarbonCapture works closely with community stakeholders to ensure that Project Bison provides good-paying energy transition jobs and preserves the wildlife and natural beauty that makes Wyoming unique.

“The state of Wyoming is proud to be selected as the first site for megaton-scale direct air capture and continues our leadership in CO2 storage,” said Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon. “We have ideal CO2 storage geology and a broad energy strategy that includes CO2 capture centers.”

About CarbonCapture Inc.

CarbonCapture designs and deploys Direct Air Capture (DAC) machines that can be connected in large arrays to remove huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Thanks to its innovative modular open systems architecture, the CarbonCapture technology platform enables a wide range of sorbent options, plug-and-play upgradeability, mass production, unlimited scalability and rapid technology iterations. CarbonCapture systems run on zero-emissions energy, capturing atmospheric CO2 either to permanently remove atmospheric carbon or to produce low-carbon synthetic fuels.

More information: carboncapture.com

About Frontier Carbon Solutions

Dallas-based Frontier Carbon Solutions was founded in April 2021 to provide industrial carbon capture, transport and sequestration services through the investment, development and operation of commercial CCUS infrastructure. Frontier is actively developing multiple projects in the Rocky Mountain region and Canada and is a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital, a private equity firm focused on growth energy and infrastructure growth.

More information: frontierccus.com

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