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Brendan Fraser received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival


Brendan Fraser has returned to the world of acting and is already receiving rave reviews. His new movie, Keith, brought him a standing ovation at the festival premiere. Fraser’s story is pretty tragic, but it looks like he’s finally back in Hollywood to do what he loves most.

Brendan Fraser arrived in the industry with much fanfare, starring in films such as Mummy and George of the Jungle. Unfortunately, a number of factors contributed to his departure from the big screen. Frazier was going through a messy divorce and was unable to pay child support, coupled with child support bills that a judge decided he was responsible for. He also had to undergo a series of surgeries after his major physical roles.

In 2018, Frazier also came forward with allegations of sexual assault by Philip Burke of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Between the fallout from the allegations, divorce, injuries and the death of his mother, Fraser fell into a deep depression that forced him to retire from the industry for a long time. The authorities in Hollywood sought to protect Burke, making it difficult to find work.

Everything changed with his appointment Keith, like a character named Charlie. Charlie is an overweight gay man who left his family to be with his lover who tragically died. After that, Charlie does everything he can to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. The death of his beloved forced Charlie to overeat, which eventually led to serious health problems. Darren Aronofsky worked on the film for a long time but struggled to find his leading role. That’s when Fraser appeared and took on the film.

The premiere of the film took place on September 4 at the Venice Film Festival. After the film ended, the entire crowd gave Fraser a standing ovation that lasted six minutes.

You can watch Fraser’s reaction below. Keith release in theaters is scheduled for December 9.

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