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Brendan Fraser reacts to the cancellation of the movie “Batgirl”.


If you are confused that you are not going to see HBO Max‘s Batgirl film after it was canceled during post-production by Warner Bros. Discovery, just imagine how the people who worked on the movie feel. All those months of effort and care, and no one will ever see or appreciate them. As if all this did not happen.

One of those actors Brendan Fraser, who played the role of Batman villain Firefly in the film. (You get three guesses as to what his abilities are, and the first two don’t count. Yes; he’s a pyromaniac with wings.) Frazier, who has had a rough couple of years both professionally and personally, seems poised to bounce back in 2022. thanks to his work in films such as Martin Scorsese Killers of the Flower Moon and Darren Aronofsky Keithwhich recently The premiere was acclaimed by critics at the Venice Film Festival. And of course he was going to be the villain in it Batgirl a film that would also boost his status—at least until it’s reportedly shelved for good so WBD can write off its budget on the company’s taxes.

So how does Fraser make this decision? He told Diversity he is “disappointed” that the film will not see the light of day. He added:

Fans really wanted to see this movie. Leslie Grace is a dynamo. The film was shot and conceived for the smaller screen. In the era we’ve come out of between streaming services and theatrical releases, this has proven to be a canary in the coal mine. What have we learned from this? Work with trusted directors like Darren [Aronofsky].

It still seems unbelievable that Warner Bros could spend somewhere between $75 million and $100 million on a movie and then shelve it forever. But at this point, there doesn’t seem to be much hope that we’ll ever see it Batgirl. Let’s hope Brandon Frazier’s career resurgence doesn’t slow down as a result. It is very good that he is back.

The next one DC comics film in the release calendar Black Adamwhich will be released in theaters on October 21.

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