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Big Brother star Kyle is being evicted for racial comments


Kyle Capener has been evicted from the Big Brother house amid controversy, and fans are conflicted on how they feel about the circumstances.

Older brother fans conflicted over Kyle Capener’s eviction over racial comments. U Older brother, guests compete in challenges to win the title of Head of Household. Whoever is the head of household is responsible for nominating two guests for elimination. With the current season of the show down to seven final contestants, the drama seems to be heating up.

Kyle has been a fan favorite since the start of the season. He’s a 29-year-old appliance salesman from Utah who really steps outside of his comfort zone appearing on the show. Kyle even managed to get involved in a small on-screen romance with house guest Alyssa Snyder. Kyle and Alice’s relationshiphowever, ended on a sad note when Alice ended the relationship due to Kyle’s infidelity.


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Fans have since accepted to Reddit to discuss his thoughts on Kyle. One commenter called him “ignorant and naive”, but some fans mentioned the fact that the actions of others in the house were also worthy of criticism. Kyle’s reputation quickly deteriorated when his dishonesty began to catch up with him and he made comments about uniting minorities at home. Although he tried to justify his actions by saying that all the players had the same goal – to win – Terence simply did not believe it. Another houseguest, Monte, opened up about how he was hurt by Kyle’s actions because he too has experienced racial prejudice in the past.

Monte and Terrance couldn’t agree on what they thought was the best course of action and decided to bet on Kyle’s fate Older brother for voting. In the end it is led to Kyle’s eviction by a 5-0 vote, as no one in the house could justify or condone his actions. Although he issued a public apology, fans are still embarrassed and conflicted about the events that unfolded. Some people point out that they believe he was naive and wrong in what he said. Others believe it was a simple mistake and could have served as a good learning opportunity for the star.

Although an apology was offered, it came too late and Kyle was sent home. He won’t get the prize money he fought so desperately for, leading some to wonder if what he said is worth confiscation. Whatever the case, fans seem to agree on one fact, and that’s that they all hope he takes this as an opportunity to learn how to better himself.

Source: Reddit

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