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Battle Cats 8th Anniversary Event Will Be Showering You With Treats All Month


Believe it or not, The Battle Cats turns 8 this month.

To mark the occasion, developer PONOS Corporation is organizing a grand 8th anniversary event.

Running from September 12th to October 10th, the event will bring free loot, deals and new content to one of the most beloved tower defense games on mobile devices.

Throughout the period, you will be able to claim free spins on the Wildcat slots, which will earn you 777 cat food or more.

You’ll be able to redeem this cat food by playing a limited edition rare Dynasty Fest capsule. Be quick though, as this part of the event will only last for a few days and will end on September 16th at 10:59 AM.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other things to indulge in. For example, complete the final stage of Empire of Cats Chapter 1 and you will receive a platinum ticket to exchange for a special capsule raffle. That means a guaranteed Uber Rare Cat Hero.

And you can earn more rewards through the gameplay by completing the stages of the minced meat meeting and the thank you sale when you play the global version of The Battle Cats. Your reward for clearing them is a special Hero Catburger in his third form.

Plus, there’s a new monthly All-Stars Grateful Gathering stage where you’ll earn a cool 30,000,000 XP. And there are new Heavenly Tower Cat Citadel stages to complete for even more rewards.

We are not done. The Battle Cats 8th Anniversary event is so packed with content that we’ll have to leave you to find out about some of it on your own. But it’s worth squeezing in the new limited-time Expedition Zones, the new Event All-Stars Super Present DX map, the sign-in bonus, and all the discounted bonuses.

These include special cats you can pick up for half price, a special sale featuring a limited edition Gacha Cat, and much, much more.

Head to the Google Play Store or App Store right now to download The Battle Cats for free – just click here.

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