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Bannon Appears in New York Fraud Case – 2GreenEnergy.com


New York State appears to be prosecuting Steve Bannon on the same fraud charges that were covered in the federal indictment for which Donald Trump pardoned him. As we remember so well, Bannon was accused of defrauding the Trump base, soliciting funds from the MAGA crowd to complete the construction of the southern border wall, funds that went directly into Bannon’s bank account.

I guess you could say that all forms of cheating are equally despicable, but it’s hard to imagine anything more despicable than taking advantage of the stupidity of your fans.

Working against the defendant is a Supreme Court ruling that accepting a pardon for a particular crime is tantamount to pleading guilty to that crime.

It won’t take too much creativity from the prosecution to send this scumbag away for a very long time, especially considering that this scumbag is already awaiting sentencing on two counts of contempt of Congress.

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