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Aquaman cosplay proves that he is worthy of being the Thor of the Justice League


Aquaman may have some fans who see him as a joke character, but one cosplay proves that Arthur Curry is the Thor of the Justice League.

An amazing costume is a very compelling argument Aquaman should be considered as Thor with Justice League. Cosplayer Jennings Brower shows off an Atlantean hybrid image on display that proves Arthur Curry is no joke.

Aquaman’s profile has improved over the past few years, likely thanks to his box office hit of the same name and actor Jason Momoa’s portrayal of the character. However, much of Arthur’s history has been spent trying to combat the negative stereotype that he is a “lame” character. Much of Curry’s bad reputation stems from this in Super friends cartoon since the 1970s, which has been brutally reviled by subsequent generations. Despite​​​​his epic adventures in the comics, Aquaman has been the subject of many jokes over the years regarding his supposed dim ability to “talk” to fish.


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And even though Aquaman’s public image has improved, there are still a few fans who want to write off the hero as the worst character in the Justice League. But one fan won’t hear of slandering the King of Atlantis, and his amazing photo may silence Aquaman haters forever. Cosplayer Jennings Brower went ashore in this outfit Justice League Aquaman, trident in hand, ready to show the world his magnificent costume. incl Instagram, Brower posted a photo (taken by photographer Benjamin Farren) that most aptly introduced Brower’s cosplay. Raising the trident to the heavens, the wave crashes against the rocks Aquaman is standing on, sending water droplets over the cosplayer’s head. Brower stands as stoic as Aquaman on the epic title page, wearing an outfit reminiscent of Arthur’s classic DCEU orange and green costume.

Users are delighted with the picture, and Farren’s photos were also praised in the comments aquaman cosplay that Brower totally nails it. In addition to bringing the page an Aquaman Comical to life, the picture really conveys how regal and powerful Arthur is. ​​​​​​While some comic book fans may want to make fun of the character, there is something about Aquaman in this cosplay that some fans don’t know: that the character is basically the marine equivalent of Thor. Fans of both Aquaman and Thor may have noticed that there are several parallels between the two heroes. Both are leaders of a powerful race. Both are warriors and possess a persistent fighting spirit. And just like Aquaman controls the water, Thor can control lightning. And yet, Aquaman suffered for decades because of one cartoonish property and a joke that refused to die. But luckily, fans like Jennings Brower and Benjamin Farren are able to create photos that masterfully capture the spirit of a hero like Aquaman and give him the respect he deserves.

Their efforts show that Arthur is far from just talking to fish. I like it Thor, Aquaman is a noble but terrifying figure who gives Justice League a touch of royal power and authority.

The source: Jennings Brower

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