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A compilation of the Slimes RPG app on Kickstarter


Sep 07, 2022 by Polar_Bear

Slimes. Flows out. Jelly. There are many names for gooey, usually slow, gooey monsters in fantasy. If you’re looking to do something else at your party, you should check it out Selection of mucus, a new RPG with 11 new types of slime. The book is now on Kickstarter.

From the company:

Welcome, gamemasters! The slime collection is a 32 page A5 booklet containing eleven different slimes and a small number of ideas for random slime encounters. Created by Philip Reid (find his work at DrivethruRPG), this booklet works with most old-school RPGs.

Experienced gamemasters will find it easy to adapt the concepts to almost any fantasy role-playing game of their choice. If you’re not afraid to recycle ideas to better match your chosen game, then this slime booklet is for you!

The company is more than 5x funded, with 7 days to go.

The source

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