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13 things about Penny that haven’t aged well


Penny is one of the most popular characters The big bang theory, and Kaley Cuoco was praised for her portrayal of the role. As an audience surrogate for a sitcom with a group of geeky characters, Penny got the most attention because she connected with everyone in the social group.

However, there were some aspects of Penny’s characterization that newer fans don’t like as much as viewers did when the series first aired. Looking back on Penny’s lifestyle choices, her relationship with Leonard, and her attitude toward the group, there are a few things that don’t fit today.


Updated September 6, 2022 by Lynn Gibbs: Since The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007, there have been some jokes and portrayals of characters that haven’t resonated with new viewers 15 years later. Penny’s behavior, in particular, sometimes caused a bad mood among fans. Whether it was the way she used her group of nerdy friends for free Wi-Fi and food, or the fact that she loved a glass of wine a little too much, Penny was a beloved character who didn’t age gracefully.

Penny often drinks when she is around her friends

This was noted as one of the quirks of the main characters Big Theory of explosion that Penny had, because she took out a bottle of wine almost every time. Played for laughs because it was easier for Penny to deal with the eccentricities of her friends when she was drinking.

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However, this has since been seen as a sneaky attitude towards her friends, as Penny seems insensitive to them. Penny doesn’t seem to have much respect for her social group and acts like she has no choice but to put up with them.

Fans wanted her to be more independent

One of the running gags of the series was that Penny thought she was an independent woman after moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress, but in reality, Penny relied too much on others.

Penny stealing the guys’ Wi-Fi was always considered comedic, but her behavior reached an annoying level when she ate the food they bought without giving them their money back. At first, Penny promised to pay them back, but it got to the point where Leonard was buying her food when they weren’t even dating, without getting a cent from Penny. Fans wished that her dependence on Leonard and Sheldon would lessen over the years.

She became more cynical

Some felt it Penny’s character was getting worse and worse on TBBT because she became more cynical. In the early seasons, Penny played the curvaceous, stereotypical “dumb blonde” neighbor. The more comfortable she became with guys, the more she let her guard down and became real.

After meeting Leonard, becoming close to Sheldon, and befriending Bernadette and Amy, Penny became more cynical, which didn’t age well. She wasn’t as supportive or interested in Leonard’s work, and she turned a blind eye to most of the group’s scientific conversations. In later seasons, her cynicism sometimes came across as mockery.

Sexism and comics

The big bang theory the problem was that it portrayed that women weren’t interested in comics and thought they were dumb or geeky — especially Penny. There was a running joke that there were rarely any women in Stewart’s comic shop, and when they did, the men froze in shock.

Whenever Leonard or Sheldon were into a comic, Penny would often joke about the comic or how nerdy her friends were. This implies that women are not interested in comics, let alone men who like to read or collect them. Bernadette and Amy made similar comments. For now Penny and Leonard scored a pair of goalsthe ongoing sexism in the comics has taken a toll on their relationship and friendship.

Penny’s decision to tell Leonard that she doesn’t want children after marriage

There was a long history that was a part Leonard and Penny’s relationship graph in the The big bang theory before both were married. Already in season 12, Penny revealed that she did not want children, which upset Leonard, because he always wanted to be a father.

While viewers praise Penny for not buying into the idea that a wife should always bear children for her husband, many point out that Penny was wrong not to tell Leonard ahead of time. She never told him about her views on becoming a mother, and Leonard was forced to accept that since they were already married.

Penny’s negative trait was her tendency to go shopping when she didn’t have the money to do so. At the time of airing, this was not seen as much of a problem because it was presented as a comedic aspect of her character. However, Penny looks very irresponsible in retrospect.

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Modern audiences don’t see stealing as a good source of comedy and find it one of the dumbest decisions Penny made when she stole clothes from a charity because she thought it was easy. Although she eventually came to her senses, fans haven’t taken too kindly to Penny’s other financial struggles as she refused to cut back on her expensive purchases.

Penny’s Fitting The Dump-Blonde Trope In Early Seasons

The following seasons had some highlights Penny was smarter than the boys Art TBBT, but they weren’t highlighted as much as her less intelligent moments before. After being introduced, Penny was the stereotypical “dumb blonde” who made comments like her belief that the Cold War was fought in the winter, to the annoyance of others.

The trope is now widely ignored because it undermines people simply based on the color of their hair, as well as relegating women to inferior roles. Viewers watching the series for the first time today will likely be turned off by Penny’s character in the first season.

Penny appreciates the eccentric nature of her friends

Fandoms of comics, TV series, among others, are no longer seen as niche, and fans tend to be very defensive. Penny never had a good thing to say about the boys’ fandom antics, which now makes her look unnecessarily angry.

When the series started, there was no Marvel Cinematic Universe or culture of mass demonstrations, so watching Penny berate the boys for their participation in comic conventions simply wouldn’t be found funny or relevant by younger audiences.

Penny’s lack of concern for her brother’s drug dealing

Sensitive issues like drug addiction are very difficult to joke about these days, and Penny’s tendency to brush off her brother’s drug addiction isn’t too funny for modern audiences. Penny knew he was making drugs but claimed her brother was “kind of a chemist”.

Today’s audiences prefer to see such issues addressed head-on, rather than being sidelined in ill-advised commentary. Penny’s attitude towards her brother’s problems can be seen as her either denying the obvious or simply appearing apathetic to a serious situation.

Penny’s tendency to invade Leonard’s personal life

And in general, the 4th season ranks high in the the big bang theory’with viewership ratings, the storyline of Priya and Leonardo’s romance is not well remembered. Penny’s role in sending Bernadette as his spy interferes too much with Leonard’s personal life, making Penny look like a stalker.

The series played a will-you-won’t-you style where the characters usually operate outside of boundaries, but new viewers aren’t really into that. Penny also seems selfish as she wanted Leonard to break up just because he wasn’t with her.

Penny’s wits about letting Sheldon’s attitude wane

Sheldon’s status as a breakout character lost some of its freshness as viewers began to find some of his crude relationships unforgivable. Penny helped Sheldon in many ways by giving him the opportunity to act mean because of their sibling bond.

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This was seen during times when Sheldon argued with either Amy or Leonard, with the latter two even confronting Penny over her favoritism towards Sheldon. New fans would be inclined to believe that Sheldon could have curbed his attitude if Penny called him out when he needed to be put in his place.

Penny’s hairstyle in season 8

In season 8, Penny had a new hairstyle that had nothing to do with the plot. Although she didn’t get as much attention at the time, the hairstyle didn’t have many fans, a point the sitcom itself acknowledged in an episode. That was part of it Penny’s slow conversion to maturity that fans didn’t like.

The characters admitted that they didn’t like Penny’s short haircut when she asked them years later, which was a reference to fan imagination. After the series ends, it will age even worse because the other hairstyle looks out of place among all the other seasons.

Penny’s denial of her early acting career

These days, audiences don’t like characters who don’t take responsibility, making Penny’s acting career a waste. She eventually came to the same conclusion, but it took her eight years to realize that it wasn’t going anywhere.

Her early failures are generally seen as Penny’s denial, and viewers will likely be disappointed that Penny ignores all the obvious signs that she wasn’t cut out to be an actor. Penny’s habit of exploding in anger at Leonard for her own career disappointments is another moment that never gets old.

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